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4. Inside a Cloud:

Light and Visual Obfuscation

How does it feel to be inside a cloud? Overcast is an intimate performance that explores light, perception and mood in conditions of obstructed visuality. The performance immerses the audience in different lighting states and challenges their perception by simulating the experience of being in clouds. Overcast considers visual obfuscation through ideas revolving around clouds, haze, and mist. Through the performance, I invite the audience to reflect on the significance of light (in their experiences in performance) and the different atmospheres that might emerge when we cannot see clearly.



Overcast documentation

Email invitation for Overcast recordings



Thanks for helping with the making of overcast! 


When you are ready, please record and describe what you see in the picture below. Don't plan, just speak (in English...). Don't worry if you stumble or fuck up, keep going. Take as long as you need and give as many details as you want. Don't feel like you need to cover everything. Choose one of the links. When you are done, send me the recording. I don't want to give too many notes to direct or limit. BUT! please avoid using the words Painting, Cloud(s) or the artist's name. In other words, say what you see without clarifying (too much) what it is you see. Other than that speak freely. 


Thanks again! and happy recording! :) 




Attempts to Make Fire (click videos to play)

The Clouds Laboratory, Cycle 1 week 2

Overcast Houselights experimentation (scroll through)

Backlight improvisation 

Overcast initial sketches (1.2.17) (click on the image to enlarge)


Conceived and developed by Yaron Shyldkrot.

Technical support: Euan Henderson, Scott Eveleigh, Dan Marsh, Pires Illing, Ben Linwood.

Voices: Rony Efrat, Omer Even-Paz, Gwilym Lawrence, Jonathan Rogerson, Kate Ryan, Zlil-Hen Saks, Yoli Seker, Ross Virgo.

Special thanks: Sarah Sage, Michelle Man, Lisa Savini, James-Rubin Sutton, Dana Koval, Matt Hall, The Doctoral College Conference team, Nohar Lazarovich, Adam Alston, Jo Franklin, Ferenc Hepp, Kelli Zezulka, Katherine Graham, Rachel Hann.

Keep in the Dark: Dramaturgies of Uncertainty

Practice Research by Yaron Shyldkrot

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