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5. When Robots Breathe: 

Sonic Dramaturgies of Disorientation and Dislocation

Sam and Alex invite you to join them on a little journey. They will safely guide you into the woods, take you to the seaside and even underwater. And it’s all going to be in the dark.

Certain Ways is a sonic journey performed in total darkness guided by robotic voices. Devised in collaboration with sound artist and composer James Edward Armstrong, Certain Ways blends field recordings, musical compositions, and computer-generated voices. As Sam and Alex move around the space, sing, laugh, breathe, fight and make up, Certain ways experiments with the different possibilities of robotic voices. The performance attempts to draw our attention to what often remains inaudible, asking what counts as bodily as well as which bodies count.



Certain Ways - Turning Point  (Headphones Recommended) 

Robots singing Karaoke (practical exploration)

Alex's breath extended

Certain Ways - Ice Cracking (Headphones Recommended) 

Certain Ways - Underwater (Headphones Recommended) 

Certain Ways

Conceived and developed by Yaron Shyldkrot

Sound: James Edward Armstrong

Voices: Samantha and Alex.

Technical support: Ben Linwood and Scott Eveleigh

Keep in the Dark: Dramaturgies of Uncertainty

Practice Research by Yaron Shyldkrot

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