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3. I Can’t See You, You Can’t See Me: 

Isolation and coexistence in the Dark

Campfire is a performance in the dark exploring the possibilities for alternative encounters and the tension between the individual and shared audience’s experience. The performance is a result of practical and artistic research considering the possibilities of darkness and dramaturgies of uncertainty. By highlighting the collective or shared experience and attempting to undermine the isolating quality of being wrapped in/by darkness, Campfire tries to better understand what happens to sociality under the cover of darkness and the significance being together without seeing one another.



Campfire, Excerpts from work in progress showing, PaR Festival, University of Surrey, 20.07.16

Campfire, Reflections from week 1 Day 3

Campfire, Going Dark (week 1 Day 3) 

Campfire, Going Dark 3 (Week 3 Day3)

Special thanks to The IVY arts centre team, James Edward Armstrong , RL/P and Lisa Savini.

Keep in the Dark: Dramaturgies of Uncertainty

Practice Research by Yaron Shyldkrot

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